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The face of a building....


Street art is one of those highly divisive topics,

with as many opinions as there are artists, 

but it's always been an art form I have admired,

perhaps because it adds another layer, another personality,

onto the face of a building. 


In this case, the face of the building is quite literal.

It's the work of Guido van Helten, in collaboration with 

Askew TMD MSKAdnateRone and Mayo Naise.



This is happening now: in a little suburban street,

and it's rather spectacular I have to say. 


On an otherwise unremarkable structure,

of modest proportions, details and materials, 

the brilliantly painted face has added a lot of life and depth to the street scape.


What do you think?

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Building is on corner of Easey and Wellington Streets, Collingwood, Melbourne.