(Almost) Au Revoir Jean Paul Gaultier...


The fantastical exhibition of fashion and theatrical whimsy

that is the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition 

is almost ready to pack its own bags,

bidding Melbourne Au Revoir before it sails off 

to Paris for the next leg in its Grand Tour.


I saw it before Christmas with a couple of girlfriends, 

and we were astonished to find we had spent hours and hours

completely immersed both in the exquisite details of the clothes, 

but also in the imaginative curation,

which was the collaborative work of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

& Maison Jean Paul Gaultier,

who put this blockbuster fusion of Fashion + Art together.


Starting in Montreal, it then travelled to

Dallas, San Francisco, Madrid, Rotterdam, Stockholm, Brooklyn & London,

before its arrival here in Melbourne late last year,

and has been attracting enormous numbers of visitors wherever its casts its magic.

It will appear in Paris, at the Galeries nationals du Grand Palais from April 1 to August 3,

and then onto Munich from Sept 9 to February 14, 2016.

It finishes at the National Gallery of Victoria tonight,

in a special late-night viewing that my daughter & I are attending,

which we are very excited about

as she has just returned from her 

studies in Europe,

so we are in sore need of some seriously fun Mother-Daughter time!


But before that, 

a chance to look again at some of the incredible details of 

the works that I captured in my first visit, late last year,

just in case you have not, or can not, see it where you are,

because, as always in life, the beauty really is in the detail...




It was the intricacy of the fabrics:

the textures, the colours, the cuts,

& the witty and clever combinations of seemingly paradoxical fashion rules

(mixing denim with lace, wearing underwear as outerwear)

which we now take for granted,

but which owe their origins to the limitless imagination of Jean Paul Gaultier.


So if you are in Melbourne today, Paris in Spring or Munich in late Summer this year,

do schedule at least 3 hours, for just one day out of your everyday,

to visit this mesmerising exhibition,

because life is much to short to miss out on the beauty of details.


All images my own.