The importance of sunlight :: would you love to live here?

Things have been extremely busy in my studio lately, 

with 3 projects being built 

and another 5 in the design stage,

so my days of summer are fairly flying by,

as we now transition into the last weeks of long, sun-filled days

and brightly lit mornings.


The simple joy of basking in natural sunshine brings so much happiness, 

whether human or feline! 

(Cats always know where to find the sunshine, don't they?)



It's a reminder of the importance of natural light in creating beautiful homes,

because it truly is the human obsession to chase the sun, it would seem. 


One of the house designs that I am working on

is very much focussed on capturing every possible shaft of sunlight,

as the clients love the notion of natural light filling their home

with its golden warmth - both emotionally and literally.

So I have been on the lookout for inspiration

for imaginative & practical ways to 

best achieve this, 

and came across this rather fabulous Late Victorian home

which has been reworked by the architect Matt Gibson

to bring lots of light into a building style which can be quite dark.


Enough rambling, the pictures tell the story, 

so have a look at this vaulted ceiling extension 

and then tell me your thoughts...


Did you notice the mirrored facade?

A bit of fun and a clever trick to make a building dance. 

Through the use of large windows and that stunning 

vaulted ceiling, 

the home has been washed in shafts of natural sunlight, 

rather than just flooding it evenly. 

This, combined with the judicious strip lighting under the joinery,

makes it lively and cosy. 


So what do you think?

Is natural sunlight in your home a very important and desirable element,

or just a luxury?

And, can you imagine & would you love to live here?

vintage swimsuit ad 1946 // property currently for sale :: details here