A chapter ends, a chapter begins : reflections on blogging

For the past several years,

I have had the honour of joining the international blogging group,

By Invitation Only,

who write on the same given topic,

once a month,

on the same day.

The most fascinating part of it has been discovering how different 

people interpret the same things: 

how wildly different journeys of thought can be sparked,

even though the beginning was the same.

It's a wonderful reminder that we need to be constantly reminded

of different points of view,

(whether serious topics or frivolous ones);

so that we don't become stale in our own viewpoint.

A bit like a very good dinner party.


Today marks the conclusion of the most wonderful series

of By Invitation Only,

because as our little group has blossomed and grown 

in different areas,

blogging itself seems to have changed somewhat.

At least I know it has for me!

At the beginning of this year,

I decided I wanted to take Glamour Drops in a new direction,

making it more personal, more about a record of what I see

in my day to day life as a designer. 

I was reacting against what seemed to me to become the commercialisation

of blogs - where it is more about buy this, buy that, 

with endless promotions of fashion, beauty products & goods. 

Do we need all this stuff?

In a world increasingly concerned with better use of our

dwindling resources,

I personally find a lot of the major "sell-sell" blogs too brash.


I am now looking for more thoughtful reflections 

on how to live a gentler life,

and they are the writers whom I find uplifting. 

So while blogging is changing, 

it seems that a blog has evolved into 3 types:

the "style casters" who have links to buy at every opportunity

(for whom there will always be a market),

the educators, who want to make the world a better place,

and the personal bloggers - those who are defined not 

just by their willingness to put their thoughts out there,

but also by their inherent writing ability.


I think there is room for all 3. 

Now, as for me,

my gorgeous clients 

have been keeping me very busy this year,

so, very sadly, I haven't give Glamour Drops the love & attention

that I intended at the start of the year,

as I have become swept up in the excitement of some truly fabulous projects.

However, as each year comes to a close,

with the promise of change just around the corner in a Fresh New Year,

it's the perfect time to reflect upon where we are in life,

and what we want to change, 

and what is important. 

I have really missed the fabulous connection with the blogging community

that I have made over the last 5 years,

and I am very keen to resume posting on Glamour Drops,

and to return to reading my favourite bloggers,

because these sorts of friendships are quite unique. 


So while I bid farewell to the BIO series,

it is certainly not farewell to the friendships formed from it.


Have you ever noticed that with your very favourite friends,

no matter how long the time between catchups,

you simply pick up where you left off?


To see the final post on the BIO series,

do jump across to our spirit leader, Marsha from Splenderosa,

who has generously and lovingly guided her motley bunch of writers 

for over 5 years. 

You can read everybody's take on the future of blogging here.