Well hello 2015 and a Few Changes around Here...


After an insanely eventful year,

and some incredible travels over the last few weeks,

I have surprised myself by wanting to continue on blogging 

at Glamour Drops.

But travel will do that. 

It will inspire, challenge, allow time for reflection and clarification.

In fact, I feel so full of ideas and thought bubbles that 

I am now wanting to take Glamour Drops in a bit of a new direction.

Focusing more on my everyday life and the work which I do,

which is an incredibly privileged job.

I mentioned to my daughter that perhaps Glamour Drops

isn't a very apt description,

and she replied:


“Mum, are you kidding?

You get paid to find beautiful things and to create beautiful places for people,

and in between you skip about to galleries, gardens, theatres and art exhibitions.

Isn’t that the essence of glamour?”

And of course my beautiful daughter, 

who is currently whizzing around Europe's financial capitals

on an intensive accounting subject, 

as part of her degree here in Melbourne,

is absolutely right. 



And so Glamour Drops will evolve, 

as all creative things are want to do,

into a place recording more of what I see during the week,

in my work as an interior architect, 

(working on projects as diverse as an Edwardian Garden House,

a Feng Shui designed townhouse,

and a Spanish Mission Inspired house on the Hawkesbury River,

amongst others on my desk at the moment)

and what I see on weekends, as a person who loves to find beauty

wherever the eye falls...be it a farmer's market, the turn of a leaf glinting against the sun,

the crema on a fine espresso, dramatic coastlines, art exhibitions,

open gardens, heritage buildings, new architecture:

old treasures + new discoveries.


I hope you will come on this new direction with me,

where there will still be the old favourites like "would you love to live here",

(a chance to daydream, for a moment, on living a life in a home different to one's own),

and I simply cannot resist delving into a bit of history here and there.


I suspect I will still want to write a post or two on the elements of glamour,

and of course a fashion post may sneak in,

but mostly, it will be more about "what I see";

and perhaps, just perhaps, it is "what we see"

which truly is the essence of glamour.


images are my own, and are a random collection of some of the places I have been over the last 3 weeks: the Mornington Peninsula, Sydney, Canberra & Hobart. Detailed posts to follow on these places, for there is much to share about the treasures which I found.