Hello Spring :: change is in the air….the first rose of the season & spring fashion...

I often wonder why we adore the change of seasons so much as human beings,

and do animals get as excited as we do about it all?

We have new fashions to look forward to,

either layering up or lightening up,

which they must think is a very odd practice.

Whether it's the welcome goldening of leaves at the end of summer,

(when the romantic notion of hot weather has often faded)

or it's all the excitement of brand new flowers in spring,

heralding the promise of warmer days and evenings just around the corner,

there is a sense of order about it all,

which creates a marvellous sense of certainty I think.

This is the very first rose of spring in my garden, 

my beloved Kathleen Harop rose,

who was unceremoniously dug up from her pot in our last garden,

plonked in a bucket of water for a month under a shady tree

in our new garden, 

quickly dug into a spare patch of soil,

and has now been reunited with a pot lifestyle again.

Amidst all of this uncertainty,

she has just merrily done her rose thing,

producing flowers of the most perfect scent 

that she truly is my most favourite rose of all. 

And with this very first flower of the year,

when we are still having freezing nights and frost-filled mornings,

I think she may be just as excited about the change of seasons

as the humans are….

We are currently in the middle of the Melbourne Spring Fashion Week,

and luckily the weather is playing ball game - at least during the day

when it is clear and sunny.

(The mornings are quite another matter….!)

There seems to have been a wonderful pattern of romance,

lace, ruching and medieval motifs in many of the garments,

(a trend which is also working its way through architecture and interiors)

and these are some of my favourites from the catwalk so far….


They are glorious confections - utterly romantic, utterly luxurious in their detail.

And I can't help thinking, 

with this return to more complex patterns both in fashions and in architecture,

if it's perhaps our love of the sense of change,

(of contrast with what has gone immediately before),

which is possibly derived from our connection with nature's seasonal change?

images :: rose from my garden // all other images from MSFW 2014 via