Camellias :: flowering madly in my garden….


In a tiny garden like mine (which is the size of a courtyard really)

having some plants which produce flowers for picking is a huge luxury. 

So it is hard to describe just how much delight is derived from the generosity

of the very old camellia bushes which have outdone themselves with blooms this year.

And even better, I have discovered a great trick to get even more blooms:

if you twist off the flower just below the calyx

(the green protective layer at the base of the petals),

it will leave behind another little flower bud, 

which goes on to open into another whorl of beauty.

The flowers can be floated in a shallow dish of water,

like this pie dish on my coffee table, 

and they will last for ages.

I love the delicacy of these pink ones,

which are from a bush so tall that I had to get on a ladder to pick them.

But I think the white ones, with their chic simplicity,

are perhaps one of the most beautiful flowers of all.