Creating a Fabulous Front Entrance :: a place to sit…


One of the ways you can incorporate a sense of generosity

into your front entrance is to add a seat.

Apart from its practical use

as a place to perch when putting shoes on,

it also immediately suggests a welcome,

because it implies that there is time to linger.

Although perhaps this pooch got the lingering message

just a bit too much - he looks like he isn't going anywhere soon...


If there's room by the outside of the front door,

then even a single chair can suggest welcome,

as it does here in Jessica Helgerson's own home.


Don't just put any old leftover orphan chair by the front door though,

it's the place to put a seat which you absolutely love:

something with a meaning to you or something which makes you smile,


a fabulous front entrance should be one which makes you feel happy,

as well as a space which suggests welcome to visitors. 

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