Charmed by a Chiavari :: dining chairs with a history...


Meet the newest addition to my household family:

gold dining chairs.

Regular Glamour Drops readers will know of my penchant for all things golden,

so when it was decided that we needed some extra dining chairs

(aka I talked my husband into the idea…),

then I knew exactly what this Art Nouveau house wanted:

something a little eccentric, as befits the character of the house,

something a little ornamental but not too much….

something with nature-inspired features to reference the arched architraves,

something which would contrast with the Panton chairs which would remain

at each end of the 3 metre long table,

and something in gold, to match the over-the-topness of the Nouveau style.

And that very something was the Chiavari Chair,

otherwise known as the Wedding or Tiffany chair.

The dining "room" is not exactly a room as such,

but one end of the kitchen,

with a staircase between the two providing a little separation 

between chef and guests,

so these chairs could almost be described as kitchen chairs,

rather than formal dining chairs. 

But because the space overlooks a wistaria-entwined deck,

I wanted something with a bit of a conservatory feel,

which is why the faux-bamboo frame of the Chiavari works so well.

In the process of selecting which type of chair would suit best,

I discovered a little about the Chiavari's history,

and how it became known as the Wedding Chair.

If you click through this gallery it will explain a little more about them:



We have had them in use for only a week,

but already the cat has decided that they make a good perch,

the teenagers have declared they make good study chairs,

and if I listen to the 100 year old house's whispers very carefully, 

I think I might just be able to hear him say:

"Why, they suit me very well, thank you."

Although if I keep listening, I think he may also be saying:

That’s great. How about painting me now? I have been waiting patiently, but I’m not getting any younger.

And with that, I'm buying paint this weekend.

(I'll keep you posted….)