Would you Love to Live Here? :: an Edwardian villa with style and substance...

edwardian villa melbourne.jpg


If there's a style of historic housing which

combines practicality with romance,

it would surely have to be the Edwardian villa. 

Because with her lofty ceiling heights and generous windows,

good room sizes and an efficient floor plan layout, 

the Edwardian villa was a practical solution to shrinking family sizes,

the decline of domestic staff numbers in the early 19th century,

and a new-found love of embracing natural daylight into a building

(something which we take for granted today,

but was anything but common philosophy in the late 18th century).

But because the Edwardians loved a bit of detail,

they couldn't resist adding just a little bit of ornament...

not too much…didn't want to be like those over-the-top Victorians...

but they weren't into austerity either;

so windows will generally be divided into very pleasing arrangements,

skirtings and mouldings will be generously large but not ornate,

and roofs will have a rather delicious assortment of gables and chimneys. 


And perhaps because they got this combination of practicality + romance

into a fairly good balance,

it explains why so many people adore this style of housing today.

This house, which has just come on the market in Kew, Melbourne,

is a wonderful example of the romantic but practical aspects

of this housing style.

It has been renovated, but in a manner which celebrates the old 

while embracing the new.


See what you think….



The entrance hall is large enough for a table,

which creates quite a dramatic entry,

but also a marvellous spot to pop a modern piece of furniture,

which sets the scene for the rest of the house.


oak floor.jpg


It's of the school of design which contrasts the modern with the original,

and while I know that people are divided into two schools of thought on this,

(with some preferring to replicate the old in the new work much more literally),

to me, as ever, there really is no wrong or right in architecture,

merely rules which we choose to adapt to suit what we personally prefer;

and as long as the proportions are pleasing,

the spaces beautiful,

the details finely resolved

and the atmosphere warm and welcoming,

then glamour shall prevail.

And in this style of housing, with its finely balanced mix of romance and practicality,

it's a rather liveable sort of glamour, wouldn't you say?

And most importantly, should the bank account be of no consequence, 

and you had 8 million dollars or so to spare,

Would you love to live here?

for more details about the house, go to the agent's listing here.