A Little of my Lately:….street art, Les Misérables and winter walks….


The last few weekends have been chock a block packed with delicious things, 

so much so that the winter is fairly flying by,

in a flurry of art festivals, walks in the rain to see waterfalls,

musicals and the discovery of new restaurants and cafes.

There was the long weekend in Hepburn Springs,

where we found the glorious Italianate Garden here,

but there have also been visits to museums,

national trust listed houses, new movies 

and just a little time leftover to plant some tree ferns

in the front garden,

to create the beginnings of what will be a rainforest garden.


This is some of what I have been up to lately….


And now that we have been in our new house for a year,

and I managed to stick with my self-imposed rule of "no renovations"

during that time, 

I am now free to shuffle things around as I please,

paint a few walls here and there, 

and generally add my stamp to the house.

Which is my excuse for deciding that we needed to incorporate some 

gold chiavari chairs into the mix somewhere….

(you know, those chairs which have become known as "wedding chairs").

They are going to share the long kitchen table

with a couple of white Panton chairs

at either end...

And I can't wait till they arrive...

because it will give me the perfect excuse to christen them

with a winter dinner party or two...


But meanwhile, 

do check out this video below,

which I snapped at the Gertrude St Projection Festival 

on Friday evening,

(whereupon the cafe and boutique filled street is illuminated

with various art projections for the next week or so).

This was a bicycle powered merry go round,

and as the pedals flew, so did the music and the lights. 

So much fun!