Appeteaser: …new jewellery collection from Lucy Folk


As a jeweller and silversmith, Lucy Folk is known for her rather off-beat take 

on what constitutes 'fine design' in the world of jewellery.

Her eponymous label is known for designs which push the boundaries 

between bold and delicate, between delicacy and prominence,

mixing an almost humorous wit into otherwise serious pieces.

So it's no surprise that the launch of her new collection, 

entitled "Appeteaser", 

plays homage to its inspiration: the seductive qualities of fine food.


…a collection all about the gratification of giving into edible guilty pleasures…Aphrodisiacs emerge in the form of fresh water pearl oyster shells, glimmering in sterling silver and rose gold.
— Lucy Folk
contemplating cult classics…fantasising about forbidden favourites…the mood is ultra alluring in fanciful forms


As much as the jewellery is gorgeous, which it truly is,

the art direction of the campaign is equally delicious;

balancing, as it does, sophisticated style with

a healthy dose of not-taking-itself-too-seriously-ness.

(Is there a word for that? Because there should be!)


How better to describe a label which remains true to its Australian roots,

while becoming coveted the world over in stores such as Merci in Paris,

Start in London and Ten Over Six in Los Angeles?


It's that delectable combination of global and local,

just like fine foods which are precious because they are rare,

or precious because they are delicious….


And sometimes, like this jewellery collection, they are both. 


Oh, and by the way, this isn't a sponsored post,
as is my way…I just happen to like the jewellery.

lucy folk jewellery // campaign art director :: tristan ceddia