Elegance + Playfulness :: A City Terrace Rooftop Kitchen in Amsterdam….



Outdoor kitchens have become a huge component of new house designs

here in Australia, where we tend to place them at the back of a house,

overlooking the back garden,

or on city rooftops, overlooking the parks which ring our cities.

But of course, we have a mild climate, so in many places it's possible to utilise

the outdoor kitchen for much of the year. 

Which is why I am so intrigued by this rooftop kitchen in Amsterdam,

where the designers have embraced the climate,

rather than shutting it out,

and have created a space with elements of play and adventure,

but with an overarching sense of elegance and restraint. 




Built on the first floor terrace, mostly in the space between neighbouring properties,

the kitchen is serviced by hot water which flows from this "pond",

under the cabinets, forming a "foot" for the joinery

and then flowing into the over scaled garden taps above the sink.



So they have taken something utilitarian (i.e. the need for hot water)

and turned it into something playful, as well as something beautiful.

(And I imagine the heat from the hot water in the "pond" would be

rather welcome on a cool day.)

But I think this part is the most magical aspect:

the little "pirate's plank" bridge which leads across the pond,

past some planter boxes of welcome greenery,

to a little study conservatory beyond.

With its own little glass roof, and views out to the courtyard & kitchen,

it looks like quite the spot to curl up with a glass of wine, 

a good book or some witty company,

and simply enjoy the magic of elegant, playful architecture.

design by conny deerenberg // additional images source