Goodbye Chanel lipstick :: I have found something better….

If there's one thing that adds glamour to a woman in an instant,

it's lipstick. 

Just a moment to apply, and the feminine factor flourishes.

Chanel used to be my favourite brand for lipstick….

I liked the elegant packaging, the longevity and the creaminess of the product,

and the rich colours - especially the reds.

But when Chanel decided to sell into China a few years ago,

which meant that animal testing was resumed on their products,

(a requirement of law that all foreign-produced cosmetics have to abide by

if they wish to sell in China),

for me it meant goodbye Chanel. 

In this day and age, there are plenty of alternative companies which 

have chosen to stand by their ethics.

And they are the ones that I choose to support. 


But my latest discovery are two brands which more than match

what used to be my favourite lipstick. 

They tick all the important boxes which a good lipstick should:

a richness of colour, a luxurious creamy finish, glamorous packaging.

And yet they are not tested on animals, 

and do not contain parabens. 


cruelty free lipstick not tested on animals.jpg

So what are they?

Lipstick Queen, which is made in Canada and 

Hourglass, which is made in the USA.

cruelty free lipstick.jpg

They are completely different products but I love them both. 

For everyday, Poppy King's Lipstick Queen is more of a kiss than a lipstick, 

if that makes sense - because it is SO moisturising - luscious, smooth, gorgeous.


It's perfect for when you just want a touch of colour….

Add a little mascara and you're ready to face the day.

I bought the sheer Medieval first, then loved it so much I went back and bought its matt 

cousin, Saint (in the gold tube in the image).

They are both sheer - very subtle - and yet you can build up the colour

to create much more depth than a lip gloss.

But for more of a "made up" look for work or play,

the Hourglass lipstick comes into it's own in the glamour stakes.


I was wanting a long lasting, matt colour in a dark red for daytime,

so I bought the matt Opaque Rouge in Icon,

which is a great little product.

And for evening, I wanted something a little more creamy, a bit more luxurious,

still in red (can you tell red lipstick is a favourite?),

so I thought I'd try their barrel lipstick, in Femme Rouge.

This time, in the Raven colour.

And can it replace my old Chanel?

Oh yes, very happily…this stuff is much better….even without it's credentials,

it's a gorgeous lipstick. 


best red lipstick not testedonanimals.jpg


Of course, there are other fabulous beauty companies out there 

which have stuck to their ethics and continue to push the "no animal testing" policy,

even though it is costing them a valuable market share.

And it's a fun adventure to discover the best products

available. I've had some hits and some misses.

But for now, these two companies, one little and one not-so-little,

deserve to be celebrated because their products are ethical and glamorous,

and what's not to support about that combination?

Do you choose cosmetics which are not tested on animals,

and if so, which ones have you found to be good?

images :: 1 vintage ad // 2 lucille ball // all other images from my dressing table

I bought the Lipstick Queen from Kit Cosmetics and Hourglass from Mecca Cosmetica,
both local stores, so they are readily available in Australia,
as well, of course as in Europe & the US.