And the winner is…..


Ta dah, ta dah….drum roll while the lucky number is rolled to win

that gorgeously luxurious linen in the Glamorous Bedroom competition...




And to make it fair, I used a random number system….

This is what it picked:


Somebody is going to be very happy about being the 17th

person to enter the competition.

The lucky 17….



And that lucky somebody is Heidi from the blog Adelaide Villa.

So Heidi, congratulations and the beautiful pure cotton white comforter set

from Angads

will be fluttering its way to you shortly - just in time for the cosy season. 

Prize donated by Angads, who import and wholesale a most glorious range of bedlinen
and sleepwear.  Glamour Drops did not receive payment from Angads,
but when they offered me the opportunity to give away such a gorgeous thing,
I of course did not hesitate to hand over something so lovely to a Glamour Drops reader,
because we can all do with a little more glamour in our everyday lives, don't you think?

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