Creating a Glamorous Bedroom :: win a luxurious white comforter set to get you started...


Who amongst us wouldn't love to have a more beautiful,

more glamorous bedroom?

You would?

Then read on, to discover 5 simple secrets to take your bedroom up a notch

in the glamour stakes.

And, most excitingly, how to win an incredible pure white, luxurious softest cotton

comforter set to get you started….




Ok, so this one seems like a no-brainer, but honestly,
it's the simplest and fastest
way to up the glamour stakes in a bedroom,
because we associate the tactile qualities of fine materials
with luxury, comfort & cocooning.

After all, the silk worm isn't silly when it comes to creating his perfect bedroom:
he spins a cocoon of a fibre which is soft and gentle to touch.

So always buy the very best quality bedding you can afford,
because every time you lay your hand and body across it,
you will be rewarded with that "aahh" sensation of beautiful fabrics.

That means the finest cottons, the purest linens: all the natural fibres
which breathe with your body and create the luxury
which used to only be the domain
of 5 star hotels.



As the whole point of a bedroom is well, a place to house the bed,
then it stands to reason that the bed should be the focal point of the room.

It may sound obvious, but sometimes there is so much furniture cluttered
into the bedroom that it loses this single focus. 

Do you really need all those assorted chairs/dressing tables/ bags/ boxes
which find their way into the bedroom as a dumping ground?

Simplify the room by removing the clutter.
Keep only the pieces you adore - the ones which bring you joy
when your eye falls across them.


And now let's talk about the bed itself.
To create a glamorous bedroom of the boudoir variety,
a bed with a personality…i.e. your personality…is required.

That may be an antique brass bed, a 4 poster, a tester with amazing fabric
tumbling down the wall behind it,
or a contemporary piece which is over scaled.

All of these beds are already statement beds, so that's ticked off the list.

But what if you have an ensemble…a mattress on a box base
which really isn't making much of a statement at all?

Then oomph it up with something that is dramatic to draw the focus
back onto the bed as the centrepiece of the room:
a generous swathe of decadent velvet hung behind the bed
(perhaps hung from pewter rods)
an eclectic artwork,
or create your own bedhead by stapling tactile fabrics over
the largest art canvas your local art shop can supply.

The point is to create a bedhead which has a 3 dimensional quality,
because it adds depth to the room and an anchor for the bed
as the most important piece
in the room.



Don't flood the bedroom with even lighting from down lights.

Create drama and a softer mood, in pools of light,
from a pendant, wall lights and lamps.

Think of the dramatic splendour of the old black and white movies
of the Film Noir genre
(Rita Hayworth in Gilda, Marlene Dietrich in Morocco,
Humphrey Bogart in The Maltese Falcon)

to get an appreciation of the seductive powers of
creating pools of light amongst the shadows.


If you want to paint your walls white, that's fine…
but make sure there are other elements in richer,
softer colours to create a moody atmosphere:
perhaps curtains in smokey linen, or rugs in soft charcoal,
or a richly-textured dark floor.

And if you are feeling adventurous,
it's amazing how walls of deep, rich colour (in paint or wallpaper)
can make a bedroom feel inviting and mysterious.

Pick your favourite colour and go for it: be bold!


In the same way that the bed works best as a statement piece
in order to create a glamorous bedroom,
adding elements which are over scaled also adds a sense of drama & luxury.

One large cushion in the centre of the bed rather than lots of little ones;
a generously proportioned arm chair in a gorgeous fabric rather than a little dining chair;
a wallpaper with large graphics rather than tiny ones:
they all create a sense of generosity and dramatic scale
which adds up to a bedroom with glamorosity. 

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 Win this luxurious Taj comforter set in hand-quilted pure cotton voile….

Win this luxurious Taj comforter set in hand-quilted pure cotton voile….


This is the beautiful white Taj comforter set which is up for grabs.

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  Taj comforter set from Angads is made from 100% cotton and is available with matching  accessories….

Taj comforter set from Angads is made from 100% cotton and is available with matching accessories….

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Glamorous sleepwear from Angads….this would look good with the new glamorous bedroom….

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