INTERIORS :: Less than 50 sq m for a studio apartment? This renovation proves just how fabulous it can be….


With increasing demands on urban space,

there has never been so much discussion as to the merits of small footprint living,

but it's fair to say that many studio apartments end up feeling cramped.

Not so this sunlight-filled example,

in an apartment building of mid century modern heritage,

an era when efficient open floor planning was at its zenith.

But it's the clever layout and choice of finishes in the renovation

of the top floor apartment which really proves how clever design

can make up for small space.


Recently renovated and sold,

the simplicity of the floor plan, full height windows + the quality of finishes 

means the space belies its actual size.

Because the smaller the space,

the more important quality becomes….

After all, there isn't much of it, 

so what there is may as well be top notch,

to create a sense of beautiful detail: a luxury in itself.

Everything fits into this compact little space.

Clever details like the banquette seating create cosiness

as well as minimising "negative space" because the seats

don't need the usual 900mm behind them for circulation.



While studio apartment living isn't suitable for everyone,

for an increasing number of people it is more than suitable: it's preferred.

And with higher populations in cities across the globe,

there's a very good argument for creating clever small spaces such as this apartment,

while retaining urban infill sites as parks and communal gardens.

In this case, the apartment is located in an area already well known

for its beautiful parks and gardens, in Armadale, an inner Melbourne suburb.

But the argument remains valid for any major city.

If you were living on your own,

would you love to live here?

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