Honey, I think I accidentally discovered the yummiest muesli recipe ever….

sesame seed muesli


In some sort of what-can-only-be-described as a mid life crisis,

my husband has decided to embark on a half marathon.

He set himself a 12 week program to go from sedentary life to super life.

And I have to say, the family is just flabbergasted at his determination.

(Of course, not so happy when the alarm goes off each morning at 5

for the daily run before dawn…but as they say, no gain without pain…)


But he who dares not grasp the thorn
Should never crave the rose.
— Anne Bronte


In what-can-only-be-described as cheering on from the sidelines

(because I could never imagine why anybody would want to hurl themselves

around the streets for 21 aching kilometres when a lovely sedentary walk 

is ever so much nicer),

I have taken it upon myself to be the nutritional coach for the journey.

Ah yes, the tough role.


As an incentive to continue running,

he needed to drop weight or otherwise he would be carting the extra kilos 

with him on every step.

And that's hard work!

So in the quest for the perfect breakfast food

which was healthy but also delicious (because otherwise he wouldn't eat it)

I was hunting for a muesli without sugar but still packed with flavour. 

And by experimenting with a few ingredients,

I think I have accidentally stumbled upon the most delicious muesli that we have ever tasted.

The secret ingredient? Sesame seeds!


muesli recipe no sugar


Sesame seeds are nutritionally dense little fellows, 

being high in protein (25% of their makeup)

and rich in minerals (especially copper, useful for repair and elasticity).

They are also jam packed with oil - which although it is high in kilojoules,

is composed of sesamin, sesamolin and sesamol which are all rich in antioxidants

and Omega 6 fatty acids. In short : it's the good oil.

And it's an oil which is as ancient as civilisation itself.

Sesame seeds originated in India and were traded throughout 

the Middle East (where they are a fundamental mainstay of the cuisine),

Africa and Asia many centuries ago.

More recently, they were taken to North America from Africa,

in the late 17th century,

where they quickly became part of the Mexican cuisine.

In fact, is there a country in the world that doesn't embrace

their deliciousness? Think of sesame seed sprinkled baguettes from France,

dim sum from China, Yellunde sesame ball sweets from Malaysia,

sesame oil flavoured soups from Japan, 

the sesame-flecked toffee shards from India,

halva from Turkey/Greece/Middle East 

and even the ubiquitous sprinkle on top of a McDonald's bun.


ali baba and the forty thieves


And where on earth would Ali Baba have been

if not for the magic words "Open Sesame"?


the sesame plant

There are records of sesame seeds planted in Turkey as an oil crop 2,750 years ago,

and mention of them as ingredients for cooking & medicine in records from

Babylon & Assyria around 4,000 years ago,

which makes them the world's oldest oil crop.

Now, in our house, we don't need much convincing of the yumminess 

of these little morsels.

We go through a jar of tahini a week,

are hopeless at resisting halva,

(in fact it has to be hidden in the top cupboard)

and sesame seeds get sprinkled on pizzas, foccacia, and stir fried broccoli.

I discovered though, that the difference in flavour

between the organic, locally grown stuff 

and the ordinary imported version is unbelievable.

sugar free sesame seed muesli


Which brings me back to the original point of this post,

which was to tell you about how to make the 

World's Most Delicious Muesli….

It's more of a proportion thing, rather than a measured thing,

because as long as there are equal quantities of oats and sesame seeds,

you can add whatever else you like to it to change the flavour to suit yourself.


sesame seed muesli recipe sugar free

World's Most Delicious Muesli

Spread 2 cups of rolled oats on a baking tray and toast at 175 C for a few minutes.
Remove from the oven, and sprinkle with cinnamon and ground cloves.
Allow to cool.

Meanwhile, place 2 cups of the very best (unhulled) sesame seeds in a dry pan
and toss about over medium heat until lightly golden.
(This will happen fast so keep stirring.)

Allow to cool, and combine with the oats,
3/4 cup of shredded organic coconut shards,
1 cup of roasted almonds, chopped a little,
and whatever dried fruit you wish. 

I added raisins and dates - not too many because they are high in sugar
but just enough to make the Athlete decide it was delicious enough
(ah….sneaky, sneaky….)


The result is a muesli which is crunchy and incredibly satisfying.

4 dessertspoons of this served with a dollop of greek yoghurt

will keep you going till lunchtime.

Even if you aren't training for a marathon.  


sugar free sesame seed muesli recipe

It's now become one of my own favourite breakfasts,

and even though all the ingredients are top quality organic,

it works out to a fraction of the cost of bought muesli or granola,

which is mostly laden with sugar and questionable oils. 

And it just goes to show,

that sometimes the most delicious things are really the simplest:

best quality ingredients, no fuss. 

image sources :: movie poster // botanical illustration //
all other images from my kitchen