Mirror, mirror on the saucer…who is the prettiest teacup of them all?

Are your eyes playing tricks on you?

Or is there something stronger than tea in the teapot?

It's neither…. just a bit of fun from a teacup which is mirrored

to reflect its very own fetching saucer below.


Solving the problem of mismatched antique saucers

and their lost companions,

the cups are hand-gilded in gold and platinum,

then paired with a suitable friend for a new life.

They are one of the fabulous ideas from English designer Richard Brendon,

and I think they would be a rather fun way to get guests talking,

and absolutely perfect for an Alice in Wonderland tea party,

let alone provide reflection of thoughts at morning tea time,

don't you think?

alice in wonderland tea party

alice in wonderland tea party source here // tea cup image source and more details here