INTERIORS :: Soft grey linen, pale lilac and creamy whites…a refined palette in NYC….

With elements of texture and warmth,

this apartment in New York, in the Tribeca district,

illustrates, ever-so-elegantly, how a muted palette 

can also be a lively one.

With a consistent colour theme of soft greys and chalky, creamy whites,

the flashes of gold and touches of dusty lilac add a layer of feminine guile,

but the space is saved from being too-twee

by the inclusion of wittily-placed

artworks and masculine furniture….

The apartment is elegant,

yet doesn't take itself too seriously….

And while the apartment is mostly home to a couple of city-types,

it's also available, in a double-life, to rent

as a holiday spot.

Would you like to stay here?

Finn Place II, Tribeca, NYC….details to rent the apartment here