Loving London :: A Very English Afternoon Tea Picnic in the Park….

romantic picnic

We are going to play a game.

Are you up for it?

It will require a bit of imagination, a bit of daydreaming, and something rather lovely.

So, wherever you are in the world,
jump in the Tardis and let's dash off to Holland Park in London.

Just for the afternoon.

Just for afternoon tea actually.

Because we are going to steal a few moments from everyday life
to indulge in that quintessential English institution of Afternoon Tea.

And because it's almost summer in London,
let's have our Afternoon Tea in the form of that other
quintessential English institution of a Picnic. 

Oh yes, a Picnic Afternoon Tea. In a beautiful park.
It's sounding good already.

holland park london
vintage picnic

Now then, as we are going to do this in true English fashion,
we may as well pop into Harrods on the way to the park,
to pick up a picnic hamper with all the necessary bits for a
Proper Afternoon Tea.

harrods london picnic hamper for afternoon tea

How very perfect - it even comes in a little red suitcase...

like the kind Paddington Bear may use to pack a Proper Afternoon Tea.

(Teddy Bears being such a very English sort of a thing….)

A Proper Tea is much nicer than a Very Nearly Tea, which is one you forget about afterwards.
— AA Milne…words uttered by that other very English bear: Winnie
holland park london
peacock in holland park

The famous peacocks and peahens of Holland Park

have appeared, just for us.

They're ever so tame, and ever so gorgeous.

I wonder if they have Pea-scones at their own picnics???

champagne chocolate hamper from harrods for afternoon tea in the park

There's just time enough for a little nap in the afternoon sunshine,

before we have to leave our delightful picnic to head back home.

But as we pack up our hamper and take one last glimpse at the charming park,
it's not hard to fall in love with London, all over again. 

And why, you are wondering, am I daydreaming about London?

Because my son has just finished his semester of study at a Paris university,
and is on his way to London for the week,
to enjoy the museums and galleries and parks.

And me, am I jealous much????
Nah……I've got an imaginary picnic afternoon tea to go to instead….

If you are lucky enough to be able to pop in to Harrods yourself on the way to the park,
they have the most fabulous hampers - so delightfully English. Details here.
(I found that glorious gold teapot on their website while daydreaming too.)
Images of Holland Park source here // vintage rita hayworth picnic image here //
picnic couple source here