This house is so beautiful, it doesn't even need furniture….

Well, ok, I do admit it would be more comfortable
with a bit of furniture…
Perhaps a linen-covered sofa…not too fussy…
would be nice to recline on.

And I concede a dining table and chairs
do make eating one's dinner much more agreeable
than sitting cross legged on the floor.

But when a home is as beautiful as this terrace house in London,
resplendent with so many traditional, artisanal finishes
(like hand-polished plaster walls and solid timber shelves)
it makes one question whether much furniture is
actually required to create a softening atmosphere,
because a time-worn gentleness is already here in spades.

Solid timber stairs - oh such a luxury in this age - are encased openly
but securely in a criss cross glass and raw steel balustrade.
The stairs wrap around a central column of hand-polished waxed plaster,
with a wonderful handrail detail just inviting one to drift one's hand along it. 

Simple detailing, always the hardest to pull off successfully,
but shown here to perfection.

If the materials are beautiful of themselves,
and simple symmetry is applied,
the result is ever-so-appealing.

Of course, designing something like this is anything but simple,
and it shows an eye for detail which is so often missed
in this modern age of copying and mimicking.

Instead, this townhouse has design integrity.

But first let's back up a little...

Where is this townhouse?

It's in Notting Hill, itself a rather eclectic neighbourhood,
and one bestowed with many fine Georgian terraces,
including our wonderful example here on Ladbroke Road.

Hmmm…that would be 5 floors then?

Just think what great shape our legs would be in,
with all that dashing about.

And if the legs were needing some rejuvenation time,
they could pop themselves into the swimming pool for a bit,
because it sits rather invitingly just in front of the spa/gym,
in a restrained palette reminiscent of Balinese spa resorts.

The island bath of stainless steel is also bespoke,
and the imperfect nature of its hand-worked shape makes the metal
almost appear to be in fluid form…quite fitting for a water receptacle, really.

Solid timber doors to the kitchen...

Well one wouldn't expect any less, in this house.
No flimsy veneer here, thank you.

But I can't help but come back to gaze at the loveliness of that staircase
and those waxed, polished plaster walls.

It's an old technique to finish a wall,
and almost a lost art in the modern style of construction,
because an incredible amount of time is required to trowel on
each very thin layer of plaster, and then layers of wax,
each polished in swirls from a hands-only application.

And I truly believe that if this were my house,
I wouldn't need any furniture at all...

I'd be perfectly happy to lie on the floor and gaze
at all the artisan-indulged time-aged beauty.

How about you?

Would you love to live here?

(And if so, would you need much furniture?)

property location :: ladbroke rd w11 london
for sale with an asking price of £6,500,000
more details - in case you can't resist - here