10 Glamorous Animal-Friendly Shoes :: 5 for the boys // 5 for the girls...

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A gorgeous pair of shoes are one of the most wonderful elements of glamorous dressing.
They lift an outfit from good to great, from subtle to sexy.

In fact, if I had to name just 2 items which are key to
feeling glamorous as a woman, it's a pair of great heels and red lipstick.

Shoes are the item which have to work the hardest of all accessories
- they have got to be comfortable and long lasting -
but they also have to look fabulous. 
Let's face it,
without these 3 criteria most of us won't wear them.

And have you noticed that shoes, while getting cheaper and cheaper each year,
seem to have lost their staying power in the process?

That the gorgeous fashionable pair you bought for a bargain price recently
didn't even make it to the end of the season?

A firm believer in quality over quantity,
I would much rather spend a bit more on a pair of shoes which will actually last,
because it generally always works out cheaper in the end,
and it's got to be better for the planet to have less wastage.

But I also want shoes which are not made from animal leather or glues.

And I don't want a pair made from cheap & nasty chemical-laden leather-alternatives
of dodgy quality and made in sweat shop factories.

Fussy much? yep…but that's the new luxury to me….
it's finding products which are using new technologies and materials
to deliver stylish, glamorous items which don't harm animals or people
in the process.

And if we have to pay a slightly higher premium for it,
then having less items, but better ones, is surely the logical answer.

Because of the scientific research that goes into creating these blended fibres and subsequently, their scarcity, innovative materials could be considered a true luxury, rather than leather, which has become a commodity.
— stella mccartney

So there's a bit of a list of items to satisfy
before a shoe gets the Glamour Drops tick of approval.

Luckily, this season there are some gorgeous contenders
which tick all of the boxes.

I love high heels for evening, but mostly run around in a lower heel by day,
(which helps when my profession involves climbing ladders, as it does.)
So number 1 & 2 above would be quite perfect as work shoes,
with just enough heel for elegance.

The pumps with the orange heel?
Oh, they're just gorgeous. Enough said.
(Of course, we could talk about their sustainability credibility,
which is the cherry on the cake…but let's just leave it at gorgeous.)

I can see them matching beautifully with this season's mid length skirts.

But what if you want something absolutely custom made,
in your own choice of materials and design?
A pointy toe and a kitten heel - or a rounded toe and a lofty heel?
Then Milk & Honey is your answer…because they have the most fun
"shoe builder" website - allowing an endless variety of options in animal-friendly materials.
Future leather, faux snakeskin, velvet, ultrasuede and faux patent…it's all there
and with heavenly comfortable rubber soles.

(Milk & Honey do have leather too…but it's their animal-friendly vegan options
that are a breath of fresh air.) 

A fine pair of shoes is the finishing touch to an elegant outfit
on a handsome gentleman too.

From highly polished brogues, with dark jeans and a crisp white shirt
to a structured boot in soft charcoal worn with a dark suit,
it's the shoes which can make or break a man's look. 

We are talking glamour here…of course…and there's no excuse
why the boys should get out of making an effort to look delicious.

And luckily, there are some gorgeous animal-friendly stylish options
in footwear for them this season too. 

Loving this new range of faux-patent (4) from New York based Brave Gentleman,
who also go the extra mile to make sure their products are sustainably produced,
as well as devastatingly stylish. What's not to like about that combination?

So if you are after heels which are glamorous and animal-friendly,
this is the most fabulous season for shoe hunting.