Holiday Glamour :: hairstyles ready to party....


Now that we are into full Christmas Holiday Party season, 

it seems that almost every day there is an end of year event or two,

whether it is catching up with friends to toast the season, 

or attending work end of year events.

And because it's the season for Dressing Up,

with all the magic and sparkle of Christmas,

it's also the perfect time to try something a little different

in a hairstyle, to make that extra little effort.


If there is a strong trend for the season,

it's soft waves and wet-look crowns,

both of which are easy to achieve at home 

with the right products and equipment

- a good hairbrush is mandatory,

and if you don't have one, 

then perhaps it's a good time to drop a little hint

for a lovely one to appear under your Christmas tree?


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