Dreaming of a country house : a glorious garden on the Mornington Peninsula...

It's always right about this time of year, 

as my project deadlines all jostle for attention

in the mad rush to "put everything to bed" before Christmas,

and as the early summer days beckon teasingly with their promising warmth,

that I start dreaming of owning a little farmlet.


Preferably one with rolling hills,

with majestic Eucalypts atop the ridges

and gullies of dense shade filled with bracken and wildflowers,

and in between rows and rows of vineyards and olive groves.



And preferably located on the Mornington Peninsula, 

that part of Australia which will always take my breath away 

with its gentle rugged beauty.


Of course, because this is a dream,

I don't have to worry about how I would fund such a rash purchase, 

nor yet how I would manage to farm it on top of running a busy city design studio,

a family and all the other bits of modern reality. 


But as it is the season of dreams, 

come with me now, for a few moments of distraction 

in this hectic Christmas season,

to see a most glorious garden in a little (52 acre) property

on the Mornington Peninsula,

which happens to be for sale,

to see if you would love to dream this dream too...


A strongly defined entrance is always a good start, 

as I am forever harping on about here on Glamour Drops,

and this is a very soothing, symmetrical one, 

especially as one catches a glimpse of the sea beyond

through those floor to ceiling windows.




The farm comes with a house, and a guest house, which is rather a bonus,

and even though the interior furnishings are not to my taste,

the bones of it are good, and could be something rather wonderful

with the right furniture & paint scheme. 


But it's the very notion of a country house,

surrounded by a hedged flower-picking garden,

set amongst those rolling Eucalyptus hills which makes me sigh.


How about you?

Would you like this as a rather special Christmas present too?

The property is at 59 mitford road flinders. More images are on the listing here