The Art of the Paper Cut ...

Tiny silhouettes of dancers, animals chatting with people,

branches waving in the wind - these are the gorgeous paper cuts 

made with the deft hands of artist Ning,

who creates a fantasy world in nothing more than a cut out of black or white paper.

It's an exacting art, requiring much patience,

with each tiny intricate cut creating tiny little personalities

which appear to live in this magical world of paper.

Ning's paper cuts are available online directly through Hardwick & Cesko

framed in white, black or blonde. 

They are currently offering a 30% discount until Christmas Eve,

with prices ranging from $56 to $140,

making them a very affordable way to impart a darling little charm

into a room. 

Shipping internationally as well as across Australia.

More details here.


ArtVirginia Blue2 Comments