Creating a glamorous space with moody colours….


I would always argue that there are a hundred kinds of glamorous spaces,

from 500 year old rustic farmhouses bedecked with Belgian linen

& sparkling chandeliers,

to sexy, low slung Modernist boxes perched atop a windswept hill;

from houses with soaring, raked ceilings, to cosy, darkly lit dining rooms.

But there is one kind of interior

which often springs to mind when the words "glamorous" and "interior"

are put together in one sentence.

And that's the Dramatic, Moody, Dark kind.

The one with rich charcoal greys,

a hint, at least, of edgy black,

and often, a generosity of space,

pools of light from dramatic 1970s fittings,

and furniture which is boldly over scaled. 

It's not a style for everyone, as no style ever is,

but when it's done well,

it can create quite a spectacularly moody result. 


The rules to achieving this style revolve 

around the golden ones which apply to any good interior design:

look to the building as the clue for the geometry;

create contrast;

and place elements of beauty wherever the eye falls.




In this case, which is an apartment in London, 

the ceilings were elaborately patterned linear arrangements of mouldings,

and the floor plan involved various diagonal lines.

So the designer, Caroline Legrand, 

added furniture with organic lines

(like the enormous sectional sofa in gold velvet

& the oval coffee table)

as a deliberate contrast to soften the angularity.


In the dining area,

she added a table with curvaceous legs,

over scaled globular lamps & circular mirrors.


But she referenced the ceiling pattern 

in the geometric rug and angular pendant light.


Working with the geometry of a building

helps to create a glamorous space

because it works with the building,

rather than imposing a style upon it,

creating a sense of the individual.


We want to linger in a space which has a sense of individual style,

because it's stimulating.

Think of a favourite restaurant,

the friend's house that you always love being invited to,

or iconic buildings such as the Eiffel tower,

the Guggenheim in NYC,

the Opera House in Sydney.


Each of them exudes individual style,

and that is a very important element of glamour.




Contrast of everything is everything in good interior design.

Contrast of colour, of texture, of age, of era, of light and dark:

each element is vital in creating that controlled tension

which makes up a glamorous interior.


Smoothly dark, matte charcoal walls contrast with

highly patterned, glossy

white marble with charcoal veins in the bathroom.

It's a study of contrasts in texture & colour.


Lustrous gold paint on furniture contrasts

with dark toned herringbone timber floors -

effectively creating pools of light amongst the shadows.




This is one of my mantra's in my own design work,

and I find it to be true of all the spaces which I admire.

Wherever the eye falls,

it should find rest on an element of beauty.


That may be a beautiful architectural detail: a finely proportioned window,

a soaring ceiling, a view which inspires daydreams;

or a material which is inherently beautiful: intricate timber, swirling grains in marble,

the lustre of chrome, of gold, of silver,

the rough texture of a fine linen;

a 3 dimensional object with fabulous lines: a Deco chair,

an arched lamp of seemingly impossible counterweight,

or a sculpture of great beauty sitting upon a simple table.


Selecting & adding artwork is a wonderful way to add 

this layer of beauty - especially because the selections

add to that individuality we talked about. 


And in the case of that Moody style of Glamorous Interior

which we are discussing,

selecting art which doesn't take itself too seriously

really pulls the whole atmosphere together.



So while this style is not one that everybody would want to live in,

and the dark colours of the Moody Interior are best suited

to homes which are located in cooler climates, 

there are lessons to be learned from its successful execution,

as I think the designer has achieved here. 


And as a style in interior design, 

nobody could argue that the Moody Interior doesn't impart 

a sexy, sultry glamour all of its own. 


All it takes is a pot of charcoal paint, 

a bold imagination, and a sense of wit. 

this apartment is currently for sale, so if you want to see more images of it, i found the listing here