A glamorous garden on Sydney Harbour :: Would you Love to Live Here?

Have had a soft spot for the harbourside suburb of Bellevue Hill

since I designed one of my very first interior design projects there,

when I had freshly graduated from university,

and my brother generously entrusted me to renovate his mid 1800s house.

Looking back now, it was a wonderful opportunity to work on a heritage property,

and perhaps it was a taste of things to come,

as that is now one of my favourite areas of my work.


But today I want to show you another property in Bellevue Hill,

a red brick mansion

with a very different heritage,

which was built in 1931 for the Fairfax family

in that most delicious 1930s style interpretation of Georgian style,

of which Sydney has some wonderful examples.

it's on the market, so let's have a look shall we?

It's the garden in particular that has caught my eye….


Designed by Neave & Berry Architects, 

Barford is typical of the Georgian Revival style in that it 

features colonnaded porches, shuttered sash windows,

red brick and a very symmetrical emphasis. 

I have written before on Glamour Drops how much I adore the notion of

properties with names,

and find it sad that we don't do so anymore,

as the names were generally chosen for romantic reasons,

being the honeymoon location or such like. 

In this case, Barford was named after the area in Warwickshire, England,

where the Fairfax family had migrated from.

And meanwhile, 

it's not too hard to imagine spending a sunny afternoon on this charming porch,

glass of G & T in hand,

perhaps watching guests playing a game of boules on the emerald green lawn,

looking at the impossibly blue water of Sydney Harbour in the background...

Adore a hall large enough for a table, 

which reminds me that I have been meaning to do a post 

on that very notion for a while,

and am currently working on a project which has 

such a delicious prospect...

but more on that soon.

Meanwhile, back to our Georgian Revival house here.

with its black and white marble tiles and waxed oak moulding.

Set on 2 acres (5,527 sqm), it's the generous space of the garden

which sets my designer's mind at work,

because it is an incredible luxury to have so much land

in one of the loveliest spots on Sydney Harbour.


And as the garden comes with a 1930s house of ever so much potential,

it wouldn't be hard to persuade me to love to live here,

if I had a spare $60 million or so to purchase it,

plus rather a bit extra to renovate the interiors,

which are in sore need of some attention,

unless you happen to like 1980s style furnishings. 


But how about you?

Would you Love to Live Here?

To see more images of the property, the real estate listing is here