An Impossible Dream? I hope not...

If I could achieve but one of my Impossible Dreams

(and there are many, 

although I have lived more Possible Dreams in my lifetime 

than I should have ever believed possible),

it would be to open a most fabulous store,

glamorous of course,

which only stocked products of ethical origin,

where nary an animal was harmed in the procurement of production.

Oh, but you say, there are already stores of ethical morals!

Why yes, but none which are utterly, utterly glamorous,

the kind of boutique or department store where it is full of Possible and Impossible Dreams...


This captivatingly charming boutique would be a world of beauty,

one of feminine charms and masculine elegance,

with friendly staff who know their product, know its origins,

and love to chat with wit, grace and intelligence.

They would neither be disdainful nor bored,

but would imbue every purchase with a smile and story.


And we, the shoppers who would enter this paradigm of loveliness,

would not have to scrutinise every label, 

every packet, 

to check that each product was not tested on animals,

did not contain toxins, 

was not produced by dubious means or standards, and so on,

because we would be secure in the knowledge that this store stood by every word of its policy,

and thoroughly exhausted every check and every balance to make sure its products truly were ethical.

(Because it is a slow process to constantly remain up to date with changing labels,

and as we believe ourselves to be time-poor in this generation,

it seems an absolute luxury to me if we didn't have to check with every single purchase.)


And what would be sold in this elegant store?

Why, all the elements of glamour would be stocked there,

resplendently arranged in artful order.

Clothes sewn in fair conditions, handbags and heels of utter sophistication yet made from faux leather,

cosmetics & skincare which are locally made and cruelty free,

with beautiful packaging and brilliant results...

Because this isn't a store which is gritty or in-your-face political.

No activists here. No smug moral high ground. 

This is a place of beauty and elegance,

where change can and does happen,

and people become aware through engagement, not through antagonism. 

This fabulous store could be anywhere in the world,

it may be in London, or New York, or Melbourne or Paris,

it may be in Toronto or Beijing or Copenhagen.

It would extend its charm and reach through an online presence,

but every shopper would dream the possible dream of entering this glamorous store,

to breathe in the scent of change, though elegant perfume misted in the air,

and they would leave with an exquisitely tied and packaged parcel,

a little reminder of how Impossible Dreams of the poor, the disadvantaged and the animal kingdom

may one day become Possible Dreams.


This post is my first as part of the brilliantly engaging By Invitation Only series,

initiated and run by the inimitable Marsha from



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