Yummy rugs now it's starting to feel like autumn...

Have you noticed a slight cosy chill in the air 
in the last week or so?
Melbourne is getting ready for gorgeous autumn,
with Indian summer days of golden sun and crisper nights -
with all the anticipation of snuggly things!

Inspired by the cooler weather, 

I have a penchant for shaggy rugs at the moment.
Always on the hunt for interesting textures
that make a space instantly welcoming and appealing,
I think that tactile rugs are a great way
to unify a room and give it more depth.
For my own house, I have chosen a 70's inspired shaggy rug
in blacks, creams and taupes, shown above.
I can't wait till it arrives! 

grape vines :: blue fruit // living room :: lost source
rug images :: buyster rugs