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Glamour…is a kind of vessel into which dreams are poured…
— Arthur Miller

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Blue Fruit's thoughts on creating a private space from an unused building.

If there’s a nook or cranny not being utilised,
it’s up for grabs to be reimagined into a new use.
— Virginia Blue in the Domain

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Glamour ::
origin early 18th c…
meaning ‘enchantment, magic’…
Derived from latin ‘grammatical’
meaning ‘scholarship, learning’...
Glamour is the power to rearrange people’s emotions, which, in effect, is the power to control one’s environment.
— Arthur Miller

Featured series:

Rescue Me Please

A series of imagination play, whereupon we creatively, architecturally, rescue a property which has fallen into faded grandeur.


Spanish Mission

Shall we go on a rescue mission today? Of the renovation variety? Are you up for it?

It'll be a bit of hard work, a bit of money and a bit of imagination in real life, but today we only need the imagination quota. And the reward would be a gloriously glamorous home of elaborate character.

The star of our rescue mission is a gracious home built in 1926, in the then very-fashionable Spanish Mission style, in leafy Toorak, Melbourne, which is up for sale.

But it is in danger of being demolished, so let's see if we can rescue her instead, in our imaginations, at least, returning her to elegant and exciting glory...

elsternwick queen anne edwardian 2 shoobra rd house red brick turret (1).jpg

Edwardian Villa

With a verandah frieze of carved timber hearts, this adorable Queen Anne Edwardian is just begging to be rescued, & re-imagined as a home which celebrates her beauty.

Shall we do it? Come on then... this is how...

197 HawthornRd caulfield art deco curved glass windows.jpg

Art Deco 

Today, we are on a rescue mission.

{In our imaginations, that is...}

We are going to be seduced by the sultry allure of Art Deco.

We are going to purchase this dilapidated Deco house, complete with P & O curved glass windows
{my heart trembles looking at that glass} and imbue it with dignity & drama, as befits an Art Deco prima donna.

To see how more properties can be rescued,
with a modern renovation speaking the language of the original building,
click here.