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So who is
Virginia Blue?

When I am not busy running
my interior architecture & design studio,
which goes by the name of Blue Fruit,
I can be found exploring my adopted city of Melbourne,
(in the passionate manner of a convert,
because I truly do adore this place);

throwing dinner parties,
and generally loving life with my family
(who are composed of a cantankerous cat,
2 children in their university years
+ 1 at high school
& a very handsome husband who happily shares
a love of vintage glamour).

All of which means,
blogging gives me a fabulous place
to discuss glamorous things
to my heart's content....
It's a light-hearted look at things
which are beautiful,
be they design, fashion or architecture,
on my Quest for Glamour.

Occasionally I post about projects
that I am working on at Blue Fruit,
but most of the time it is more about random things which catch my eye.

And of course,
if you are on the Quest for Glamour too,
do add your thoughts into the comment boxes
and follow along for the ride.

Who knows what we shall discover!

You can read more about me in an interview here.


Love of beauty is taste.
The creation of beauty is art
— ralph waldo emerson
You must give everything to make your life as beautiful as the dreams that dance in your imagination
— roman payne

Glamour Drops is a blog
by Melbourne based interior designer Virginia Blue.

It started as a place to catalogue the
many inspirations which are vital
to the mind of a designer,
and it grew into a life of its own,
with many followers from around the world.

If you love things with an epicurean, sybaritic,
or just stylish twist,
you will hopefully find something here to peruse.

There are chats about gorgeous interiors,
stunning architecture,
gardens, fashion and travel,
as well as a tendency to dive into
the history of things;
but all from an Antipodean perspective,
so it has the sun-drenched optimism & casual elegance
of the Australian design scene about it.

This is a place to simply indulge in tête-à-tête about the essence of glamour…whatever that may be!